About Us and Our Mission

Asmara (left) and Malisse (right) made fast friends as undergraduates at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Having both been through the rigors of the graduate school application process, they saw the need for a clear and consolidated list of tips and tricks to help others better navigate the process. By creating this website, the two aim to share their experiences and offer a helping hand for those who in need.

Malisse Lummus

PhD Student at the University of Kansas

Malisse graduated from Trinity University with a Bachelors of Science in Geosciences with honors. Though her undergraduate work largely focused on hydrogeology, she cultivated her interests in climate science and public outreach. Malisse is now a PhD student at the University of Kansas where she is furthering her skills as a geologist by pursuing Glaciology and Remote Sensing. As a first generation college graduate, Malisse wants to share her experiences and encourage young students to continue their education. By sharing these tips, she hopes to level the playing field for those who might otherwise shy away from applying.

Asmara Lehrmann

PhD Student at the University of Alabama

Asmara is a NSF Graduate Research Fellow at the University of Alabama and is an alumn of  Trinity University. Asmara is studying sea level rise by studying one of its sources, Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica, and the impacts on coastal environments such as the Gulf of Mexico’s Mobile Bay, Alabama in the Holocene and Anthropocene record. Finding the right graduate school was daunting and the process is cryptic, as there are many unspoken rules to the process. She hopes to help empower prospective graduate students by laying down a clear plan for the geology graduate school application process.

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