Mid- Late Fall Checklist

Mid- Late Fall

(November December)

Letters of Recommendation 

Make it easy for the recommenders

  • Ask your professors if they would be willing to write a FAVORABLE letter of recommendation. Ask people who can speak to your academic abilities as well as your character
  • Give them lots of time. We’re talking 5 weeks’ notice. They will likely procrastinate, but at least it was on their mind for a while.
  • Give them a simplified version of your excel sheet with the school, the advisor, the potential project, and the deadline. Also, give them your CV and at least a template of your personal statement. Send them your final draft of your personal statement when it is done. You want their recommendation letter to augment your personal statement, not repeat your statement. 
  • Send them reminders about the due dates. One of Malisse’s letter writers didn’t turn in the recommendation letters until the night they were due! Its okay! Politely, shoot your recommenders an email one week before the deadline to make sure they know the deadline. Email them again if the application portal shows that they have not submitted the recommendation letter the day it is due. Call them if you need to, Asmara has needed to do that a few times.

Actually Apply

  • Create a work schedule based on the due dates of the application
  • Try very hard to finish a week earlier than the due date in case you have issues!
    • Sometimes application portals glitch the day of, since many people are populating the portal.
  • Remember that it takes a while for transcripts to be processed and reach the universities so send those early.
  • Try to finish before winter break so you’re not stressing on vacation.
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